Ecojustice, Growth and Hope

 Every Crisis is a Window of Opportunity for Change

 European Christian Environmental Network meets in the Netherlands


From 29 August to 2 September the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) met in Elspeet, the Netherlands, for its 9th Assembly under the theme Ecojustice, Growth and Hope. The Assembly with 98 participants from 22 countries was hosted by the Dutch Ecumenical Council of Churches and the Noah Alliance.

The Assembly calls upon the Christian churches in Europe to be signs of hope in this time of multiple crises. The world financial crisis leads to growing economic problems, unequal access to resources generates increasing injustice internationally as well as within nations and regions, and the Earth's boundaries are under threat. The necessity to change current patterns of production and consumption, life style, and a transition to a sustainable and fair society is apparent and widely recognized.

Final statement of the Assembly underlines that: ‘More needs to be done, and that change is not coming quickly enough to lead our societies on to the path that could be sustained in the future.’ Therefore: ‘Churches should be engaged in structural change together with others in society. We may use our experiences with new and sustainable lifestyles to help to transform society at large, to accelerate the transformation to an „economy of enough“, and an „economy of care“.

Churches are apt to be agents of change at the local level, because of their tradition of values closely linked to a sustainable economy such as justice, simplicity, humility, rhythm of life, community building, faith, hope and love, emphasize the statement.

At the Assembly have been clarified and discussed what needs to be first steps towards an ‘economy of care,’ as they were introduced by Prof.Opschoor and what are the basic principles of faith based Christian approach to Eco-justice, as outlined in the key note input by Rev.Dave Bookless.  The input by  rabbi Awraham Soetendorp underlined the necessity of acting together in taking care for creation by peoples of different faiths and convictions.

The Assembly underlined that hope and action must be the guiding principles in responding to multiple challenges of our world, since hubris as well as hopelessness and passive despair are against the will of God.


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Tue, 09/04/2012