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We have faith
in one God, one Source of all life,
one Ground of the whole earth, with all her creatures.


And thus we have faith
in the goodness of earth’s life,
in the innate worth of all her dependents,
in human partnership in the life of nature.


And we have faith
that in Christ we have been shown the special role of the
human race to bear God’s likeness in working and caring
for the earth,
in seeking to understand her mysteries and powers,
in working with these powers
for the wellbeing of all children of the earth.


And we have faith
that God’s Spirit will lead us
to sensitive closeness with earth’s life,
to that meek, unselfish and compassionate life-style
by which the earth is inherited in peace,
by which her life is transformed for all creatures
to share justly in her bounty. So be it.

From India. Source: Sinfonia Oecumenica, © Gütersloher Verlagshaus, GmbH, Gütersloh 1998

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