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The most important people in ECEN are the hundreds of church members around Europe who are working for action in environmental work. They make up the ECEN Assemblies and Working Groups and the site is full of the results of their work from countries all over Europe. Below are the people who help to organise their activity: 

Enabling team

The Enabling Team is made up of the following people, elected by the ECEN Assembly:

 Martyn Goss  
Antonella Visintin
Martyn Goss (Church of England)

Antonella Visintin
(Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy)

Roman Juriga
(Orthodox Church in Czech Lands and Slovakia)


Dr. Eszter Kodacsy-Simon
(Lutheran Church in Hungary)
Heinrik Grape
(Church of Sweden)
                                       Dr. Gudrun Kordecki
                             (Ev. Church in Westfalen, Germany)


ImageThe ECEN Secretary is Peter Pavlovic. Peter is the staff member of the Conference of European Churches in Brussels (, and the focal point for all inquiries about the Network.

He may be contacted by email at You can also contact him by letter, phone or fax at:



Peter Pavlovic 
Conference of European Churches 
Ecumenical Centre 
Rue Joseph II 174 
BE-1000 Brussels 
tel : 00 32 2 230 1732 | fax : 00 32 2 231 1413


Hajduch-Szmola Patrik
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