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  • Come, Lord Jesus

    O you eternal wisdom – whom we partly know and partly do not know
    O you eternal justice – whom we partly acknowledge and never fully obey
    O you eternal love – whom we love a little but fear to love too much:
    open our minds that we may understand
    work in our wills that we may obey
    kindle our hearts that we may love you.
    Come, Lord Jesus!

    T. R. Milford

  • Die Gnade des Herrn

    Gehet hin im Wunder der Gnade Gottes.
    Und m?get ihr erf?llt sein vom Feuer des Heiligen Geistes,
    von der Sanftmut Christi
    und der Weisheit eures Sch?pfers.

    Dorothy McRae-McMahon, Australia; aus: A World of Blessing, ed. by Geoffrey Duncan, Canterbury Press, 2000

  • May God bless us

    As we prepare to leave
    and embrace the challenges
    of our lives and our world
    let us ask for God’s blessing
    May God bless us with wisdom
    to care for the earth.

    May God bless us with love
    to bring forth new life.

    In the name of God
    the Maker of the whole world,
    of Jesus, our new covenant,
    and of the holy Spirit,
    who opens eyes and hearts.

    Go in peace and be witnesses of hope.

  • Deep peace

    Deep peace of the running water to you.
    deep peace of the flowing air to you,
    deep peace of the quiet earth to you,
    deep peace of the shining stars to you,
    deep peace of the Son of Peace to you Amen

    Gaelic blessing from Words and Songs of Reconciliation and Praise, Graz 1997

  • God’s light and love

    As the air sings with songs of glory,
    as the water flashes with the silver of creation,
    as the forests bloom with leaves for the healing of the nations,
    so may God’s light and love
    fill our hearts and souls and minds.

    CTBI Eco-Congregation Programme

  • Transform our lives

    May God who established the dance of creation,
    who marvelled at the lilies of the field,
    who transforms chaos to order,
    lead us to transform our lives and the Church
    to reflect God’s glory in creation.

    CTBI Eco-Congregation Programme