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  • Prayers for Forgiveness for Climate Sin

    Prayers for Forgiveness for Climate Sin

    One voice: Climate Change is prompted by our sinfulness:

    • our greed, gluttony and lust for more
    • our pride and arrogance
    • our anger, envy and vanity
    • our dishonesty and maliciousness
    • our indifference and laziness

    All: Creator God, forgive

    One Voice: Climate Change is fed by our failure to accept limits:

  • Pope Francis prayer intentions for April focus on small farmers

    Pope Francis prayer intentions for April focus on small farmers

    Pope Francis’ video for April's prayer intentions focuses on the plight of the small farmer. The Pope Video is a global initiative developed by the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer) to assist in the dissemination of the Holy Father’s monthly intentions related to the challenges the humanity faces.

    The videomessage is available here.

  • Author and Giver of all good things

    O Lord our God, the author and giver of all good things,
    we thank you for all your mercies, and for your loving care over all your creatures.
    We bless you for the gift of life, for your protection round about us,
    for your guiding upon us, and the tokens of your love within us.
    We thank you for friendship and duty, for good hopes and precious memories,
    for the joys that cheer us and the trials that teach us to trust in you.
    Most of all we thank you for saving knowledge of your Son our saviour;

  • Seigneur, Dieu éternel

    Seigneur, Dieu éternel,
    lumière sans commencement ni fin,
    artisan de toute la création,
    source de pitié, océan de bonté,
    abîme insondable d’amour pour les hommes,
    fais briller sur nous la lumière de ton visage.
    Luis dans nos cœurs, soleil de justice
    Et rempli nos âmes de ta joie.
    Apprends-nous à méditer sans cesse,
    à nous inspirer de tes commandements
    et sans cesse à témoigner pour toi,
    notre maà®tre et notre bienfaiteur.
    Aide-nous à faire ce que tu aimes,
    pour que, malgré notre indignité,

  • Am Anfang

    Am Anfang sagte Gott: «Es werde Licht».
    Und es wurde Licht, und es war gut.
    Dann sagte Gott: «Es möge Land inmitten der Meere sein».
    Und er schuf Land, und es war gut.
    Gott sagte: «Tiere mögen dort sein – alle Arten von Tieren».
    Und sie waren gut.
    Dann sagte Gott: «Menschen mögen dort leben».
    Und auch wir sind ein Teil von Gottes Schöpfung.

    (aus dem EYCE Liederbuch – Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe)

  • Creating God

    Creating God,
    You are the source of light and life,
    So we praise you.
    You became flesh to bring light and life,
    So we praise you.
    You sustain the world with your light and life,
    So we praise you.

    from the CTBI Eco-Congregation Programme