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  • Martyn Goss: Greetings for October!

    Martyn Goss: Greetings for October!

    Are we driven to distraction?

    We are continually being convinced of what technology does for us – providing us with data, helping to save time, improving the quality of our entertainment, advancing medical care, and so on.  The question we ask more rarely is, ‘what does technology do to us?!

  • Pope Francis is "giving people hope"

    Pope Francis is "giving people hope"

    NASA scientist and Catholic Climate Covenant ambassador Anthony Strawa knows why we should be concerned about climate change, and why we have hope.

  • Martyn Goss: Easter Week greetings!

    Martyn Goss: Easter Week greetings!

    Although we may not be aware of it, in the last few generations in the West we have increasingly become ‘indoor people’.  Whereas once almost everyone was a farmer or a gardener and spent most of their time outside, we have overwhelmingly moved to a more comfortable culture of life indoors.

  • Martyn Goss: Happy St. David's day!

    Happy St. David’s day!

    Our society is in crisis.  Many of the old bonds which have held us together - household, workplace, neighbourhood, community – are under immense pressures or, in many cases, have disappeared entirely.  The common sharing of space, resources and relations has been replaced by a seductive individualism where the main purpose and drive is the pursuit of one’s own happiness.  And this ‘happiness’ is achieved through the accumulation of ‘stuff’ – the acquisition of money, property, gadgets, toys, holidays and so on.

  • Martyn Goss: Happy All Souls – so that should be every one of us!

    Happy All Souls – so that should be every one of us!

    It is estimated that across the world over 250 million people make pilgrimage every year.  Whether from Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, Jewish or other traditions (or none), women, men and children set out to journey towards a special place, with the most popular destinations including Mecca, Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostela, Bodh Gaya, Amritsar and the Ganges and Jordan rivers.

  • ECEN People: Hans-Jürgen Schorre

    Hans-Jurgen Schorre

    I came to ECEN in 1999 because I work with church and environment in the National Council of the Lutheran church of Norway. Another person was in at the founding of ECEN in 1998 and he came back and said we should do a similar thing in Norway so we have started an environmental network amongst churches and engaged persons on a similar model in 1999.

  • ECEN People: Margerita Ligoura

    I only heard of ECEN six months ago but the ECEN Assembly took place in my home town of Volos six years ago. My background is in landscape architecture and floriculture, and as a committed member of my church I wanted to bring my environmental concerns into its work. I have had many discussions with our pastor about how the church could be an example for our city. I am here to find new ideas to put in practice in Volos.

  • ECEN People: Katsiaryna Yeusiukova

    Katsiaryna Yeusiukova - Belarus

    I trained in international economic relations and worked in construction for 8 years. At the same time I was a member of the Orthodox church and a member of its youth council. Because of the financial crisis there is now very little work in construction so I a month and a half before the ECEN Assembly in Prague I moved into environmental NGO work. It was only then that I heard about ECEN so I came very new to the conference.

  • ECEN People: Henrik Grape

    I started getting interested in eco-theology in 1979 while studying theology, and was always questioning the way of life and development that everyone was in, and from the theological side that the driver behind changes is based on theology.

    So when I became a pastor in 1987 this was one of the themes I was interested to get into church work.

    In 1992 as a response to the Rio summit an environmental network was set up in Sweden and in 2000 I began to work for this. This was accepted as work which the church should do by the national board of the church.

  • ECEN People: Keld Hansen

    Keld Hansen