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ECEN celebrating its 20th anniversary

ECEN Assembly 2018 in Katowice was an opportunity to remind 20 th anniversary of ECEN. Along with looking back on history and achievements of these years, the anniversary is an occasion to say thank you to all those, who over this period contributed to ECEN works and supported ECEN. In all its efforts to deepen and strengthen churches’ engagement in responding to ecological challenges, climate change and works on sustainable development, ECEN has....

Energy Atlas 2018

26 April 2018
The publication Energy Atlas 2018: Figures and Facts about Renewables in Europe has been presented at the launching event in Brussels.

Without ambitious energy efficiency goals, the EU will fail Paris targets

19 April 2018
Energy efficiency is critical for achieving the carbon reduction goals set out in the Paris Agreement. New study, revealed on 18 April indicates that without...

ECEN Enabling team decided on the Roman Juriga Eco-Church Award

19 April 2018
Winner of Roman Juriga Award 2018 is an ecumenical project of churches in Hungary the Plant Native Fruit Trees in Parsonages. ECEN decided to award...

New Study finds that the EU must revise its Climate Finance Policies

19 April 2018
Addressing climate change goes hand in hand with providing an assistance and support to those who are the most affected by its impacts. The EU,...

Churches preparing for COP 24 and the upcoming ECEN Assembly in Poland

19 February 2018
An ecumenical church delegation met with Thomas Chruszczow, the counsellor of the minister of environment in the government of Poland, specially assigned with the preparation...

On the way to economic and ecological justice - ‘To give you a future with hope’ (Jer 29:11),’

19 February 2018
12th Assembly of ECEN, Katowice (Poland), 6 – 10 October 2018 Climate change has become one of the defining challenges of the early decades of...

Let’s eat as if tomorrow matters

16 February 2018
There is a saying ‘if you really want to do something about climate change, start with the food on your plate’ . This is one...

Exeter Eco Diocese in Lent

15 February 2018
The Diocese of Exeter is very committed to the national Church of England’s Environment (formerly ‘ Shrinking the Footprint Campaign ’) for a low carbon...

Climate change and churches – a conversation in the European Parliament

11 February 2018
‘ The task to address climate change has an ethical dimension including questions related to consumption and production patterns of individuals and societies and related...