Climate change, pollution, biodiversity, peace: on the side of sustainability The message of the new generations towards COP28 30 November - 12 December 2023, Expo City Dubai

Webinar 16 October 2023 at 18.30

Since its inception, the annual UN Consultation on Climate Change (it was in 1995 the first Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC, the first international environmental treaty to deal with global warming) has been followed by non-governmental organisations including the Ecumenical Council of Churches, which has also involved other faiths in the process.

Among the effects of the mobilisation of young people on the climate emergency in 2018 and the intervention of their leader at COP 24 in Katowice in the same year was the World Methodist Church, which set up a coordination, Climate Justice for All, to promote youth training and an international presence in 2021 in Glasgow.

Thanks to the appointment of Irene Abra of the Methodist Church of Novara, Italy too has since then been involved in the project, which since 2022 has taken on an ecumenical dimension under the name of Climate Yes.

For the third year, therefore, an opportunity for inter-denominational and inter-generational in-depth study is proposed on the issues that the COP will have to address with reference to six pillars: 1. Climate finance 2. Mitigation and green growth 3. Climate adaptation and resilience 4. Loss and damage 5. Climate vulnerable groups 6. Research, innovation and technology.

Young people committed to the mitigation of the anthropogenic component of climate change in Protestant and Catholic institutions and organisations at the Italian and European level and also in youth delegations participating in the work of the COP are called to speak.




Antonella Visintin (GLAM Commission)


Climate YES for COP 28

Irene Abra (Italian reference for Climate YES)


Panel on Commitment and Promotion of Climate Justice

From the Evangelical Churches in Italy

Betty Ambrosetti (Adventist Scouts)

Daniele Parizzi (Waldensian, FGEI)

Jutta Mott and Annette Brunger (Lutheran Church in Italy)


From the ecumenical movement

Cecilia Dall'Oglio (Associate Director European Programmes Laudato Sì Movement)


From civil society

Vladistav Malashevshyy (Climate social forum and member YOUNGO - youth delegation of the UNFCCC)


Reading of a Message for Churches and Media


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