ECEN celebrating its 20th anniversary

ECEN Assembly 2018 in Katowice was an opportunity to remind 20th anniversary of ECEN. Along with looking back on history and achievements of these years, the anniversary is an occasion to say thank you to all those, who over this period contributed to ECEN works and supported ECEN.

In all its efforts to deepen and strengthen churches’ engagement in responding to ecological challenges, climate change and works on sustainable development, ECEN has been working closely with the Conference of European Churches and has become a working instrument of CEC in addressing the need of care for creation and sound Christian eco-theology. 

Over the years ECEN developed a special way of cooperation with the World Council of Churches and the Council of Bishop Conferences in Europe (Consilium Conferentiarium Episcoporum Europae – CCEE). This makes ECEN a network of unique nature.

ECEN made a particular contribution to the 3rd European Ecumenical Assembly in 2007 in Sibiu and its follow up. The Assembly is by many remembered, among its other achievements, by its recommendation to initiate a consultative process addressing European responsibility for ecological justice and the recommendation that the period from the 1st September to the 4th of October be dedicated to prayers for the protection of Creation and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles. Promotion of ‘Time for Creation’ or ‘Season of Creation’ has become for ECEN a symbolic for many of its other  activities and an inspiration for a growing number of churches to follow it up.    

For 20 years has been ECEN offering its services as a forum for sharing of information and experience gathered in churches across the continent in widely varied Christian traditions, while at the same time encouraging a united witness caring for God’s creation. ECEN has become for many an instrument of encouragement and cooperation.

The 20th anniversary and record of ECEN activities over the years gives hope that ECEN will continue in making a vital contribution to works of churches in Europe on care for creation in years to come.

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