Sustainable Preaching Conference

A mutual spiritual learning experience in a unique interfaith environment

17-19. Apr. 2024 - Bendictine Abbey of St Mauritius, Niederaltaich

Come along - and stay part of our Erasmus+ project »sustainable preaching«! The conference at the Orthodox Academy on Crete in September 2023 is behind us, but memories, the encounters there and the intensive exchange have encouraged us to organize another conference as part of the project.

It is the concluding conference and yet is intended to be the beginning of something new that could already be surmised on Crete: The meeting of hopeful or even longing younger and older adults, Eastern and Western church faith and women and men from different European countries will help to rediscover Christian spirituality as a source of strength for climate protection, the preservation of creation and other current challenges.

Our conviction, reinforced once again by our experience on Crete, is that living networks to protect the climate and preserve the diversity of planet Earth and its beauty are only possible on this basis!

We would like to look at the »how« with you - as new or newly arrived participants - in Niederaltaich: How does effective action arise from Christian responsibility! We look forward to your approaches and ideas ...

Dr. Hubert Meisinger, ZGV of the EKHN
Katerina Karkala, Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC)

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