Weeks for pollinators - 15-30 April 2024

On February 2, 2022, Glam announced the opening of a new project: Ecumenical paths for pollinators. 


Two years after its launch, Glam chooses to dedicate a few weeks in early spring to targeted gardening, set up for pollinating insects because where the bees are, but also the butterflies, bumblebees and anything else that intentionally or involuntarily pollinates, it renews the life! 


Among the poisons of the cultivated fields and the increasingly cemented soils, insects make their way onto the surfaces intended for melliferous plains (to obtain the support provided for by the new Common Agricultural Policy), in the cuttings, on some roofs and balconies, in public gardens, in schools and private individuals and with our contribution also around evangelical churches or in some areas of nearby people.

Almost 75% of agricultural production and 90% of wild flowering plants need pollinators.


For this reason it is necessary to decolonize spaces, limit human presence (its invasiveness and its desire to conquer), relearn respect for bio diversity which does not appreciate cohabitation or closeness with us. 


From a small nucleus of pre-existing Oases - Lutheran Naples, Adventist Bologna, Methodist Milan, interconfessional Seeds of Peace - others are being added and each one brings their own contacts, making the network grow. 


In these weeks we invite believers and churches to

➢ Choose among the plants those most appreciated by pollinators to place on the balconies

➢ Involve schools, your knowledge, sensitive associations

➢ Organize meetings, catechism or Sunday school lessons, cults

➢ Report your participation in the project

➢ Insert this both pedagogical and theological action into the framework of being an eco community  


Glam is available to send materials 

For communications

GLAM commissioneglamatgmail [dot] com