ECEN is a church network promoting co-operation in caring for creation.

Ecological threats transcend national and confessional boundaries. The aim of the ECEN is to share information, experiences in environmental work among widely varied Christian traditions and to encourage a united witness in caring for God's creation. ECEN is the main working instrument of the Conference of European Churches for addressing the need for environmental engagement and responding to climate change.

11th Assembly of ECEN: 'Water in a sustainable future'
11-15 June 2016 in Helsinki, Finland

The Assembly will offer a broad ecumenical platform for sharing and strengthening cooperation among representatives from Anglican, Orthodox, Protestant and Roman-Catholic churches. 

The meeting will take place shortly after the historical agreement on climate change from Paris. Churches were strongly present at the Paris conference. Pilgrimages for climate justice which took place in 2015 raised the importance of the ethical aspects of the climate change agenda in a number of places over the continent and intensified discussion about relationship between justice and climate.

Impacts of climate change will be considered in a broader context. The Assembly will pay particular attention to the issue of water, the interrelationship between climate change and the water cycle, as a part of the efforts for sustainable development.

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08.Feb 16

11th Assembly - Sofia - church, culture and conference centre

Sofia - church, culture and conference centre

04.Feb 16

Martyn Goss: Greetings for February as this weird winter continues!

There is much said at this time about ‘church growth’ but not what this might mean in today’s world…

24.Jan 16

COP21: the Paris Agreement and the churches

“By comparison to what it could have been, it’s a miracle. By comparison to what it should have been, it’s a disaster“

18.Jan 16

Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions - Free Online Course

This course aims to explain the science of climate change, the risks it poses and the solutions available to reduce...

14.Jan 16

How do we go ahead? - Evaluation of outcomes of COP21 in Paris

The agreement in Paris has received positive evaluations from many sides. It has been labelled as an ‘historic landmark...

06.Jan 16

Happy Epiphany (Theophany) and greetings for the New Year!

In order to better understand our faith’s scriptures we need to appreciate the context in which they were written.  We...

04.Jan 16

Not Just Pope Francis: Evangelicals Praise Paris Climate Talks

Christian involvement has “permanently shifted” the climate conversation, says Lausanne.

28.Dec 15

"Today’s simple message is that we have hope for a better world."

An address by Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, general secretary of the World Council of Churches, on behalf of faith-based...

23.Dec 15

For a more just and sustainable tomorrow

The CEC consultation on the Pilgrimage for climate justice which involved 50 church leaders and participants in...

14.Dec 15

“Why not?” - Speech by UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner at the Sustainable Innovation Forum

Dear Ministers, Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Sustainable Innovation Forum and my thanks to Nik...

How do we go ahead? - Evaluation of outcomes of COP21 in Paris

The agreement in Paris has received positive evaluations from many sides. It has been labelled as an ‘historic landmark...

ECEN welcomes Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si'”

“Laudato Si'” – an encouraging appeal for strengthening ecumenical efforts in care for creation. ECEN welcomes...

Assembly Outcome Statement

Find here, download and share the Assembly Outcome Statement

ECEN Letter to the EU

Download and read below the letter to the EU from ECEN, written at the Assembly