ECEN is a church network promoting co-operation in caring for creation.

Ecological threats transcend national and confessional boundaries. The aim of the ECEN is to share information, experiences in environmental work among widely varied Christian traditions and to encourage a united witness in caring for God's creation. ECEN is the main working instrument of the Conference of European Churches for addressing the need for environmental engagement and responding to climate change.

01.Oct 15

Martyn Goss: Autumn greetings and happy St. Francis day!

Earlier this week I found myself on a train between Exeter and Birmingham which was stopped at Gloucester because of a...

27.Sep 15


In this year at Starpoint Reformed Youth Conference in Tata (Hungary) the theme was Trust. It is a very interesting...

21.Sep 15

Ecumenical Pilgrimage for Climate Justice

Geht doch! Unter diesem Motto lädt unser ökumenisches Bündnis aus Landeskirchen, Diözesen, christlichen...

20.Sep 15

Martyn Goss: September greetings and Happy St. Giles’ Day

This week sees the launch of a new community currency in Devon.  From 1stSeptember the Exeter Pound will be tradable in...

18.Sep 15

Invitation: Earth Matters, Faith Matters

At a time of immense environmental and ecological challenge, it is essential that the world’s faith traditions engage...

16.Sep 15

Geistliche in Norddeutschland setzen gemeinsam Zeichen für Klimagerechtigkeit

In Flensburg ist am Sonntag (13. September) der ökumenische Pilgerweg zur Weltklimakonferenz nach Paris eröffnet worden...

08.Sep 15

Climate Change - Theology Seminar

"In this seminar we will look at Laudato Si in depth and explore how it can be used to help Christians take action on...

04.Sep 15

No Patents on Plants and Animals! - Campaign against Biopatents

The patenting of animals and plants as technical inventions was criticized by church organisations for many years. Now...

03.Sep 15

Zurück ins Paradies? - Ökumenischer Tag der Schöpfung am 4. September 2015 in Borna

Mit einer Exkursion in das Leipziger Neuseenland, einem ökumenischen Gottesdienst in der Evangelischen Stadtkirche St....

02.Sep 15

Christians unite in prayers for the healing of creation

The Conference of European Churches encourages all to join in a day of prayer for creation and its healing. On 1...

Creation time 2015

Creation time is celebrated from 1 September to 2 Sunday in October in a number of churches across the continent. Many...

ECEN welcomes Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si'”

“Laudato Si'” – an encouraging appeal for strengthening ecumenical efforts in care for creation. ECEN welcomes...

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