ECEN is a church network promoting co-operation in caring for creation.

Ecological threats transcend national and confessional boundaries. The aim of the ECEN is to share information, experiences in environmental work among widely varied Christian traditions and to encourage a united witness in caring for God's creation. ECEN is the main working instrument of the Conference of European Churches for addressing the need for environmental engagement and responding to climate change.

06.Jul 15

"Another way is always possible"

The Pope calls for ‘ecological conversion’, President Obama for ‘a clean energy age’. That is always the central...

02.Jul 15

Meditation on Psalm 85

A highly intensive carbon economy leaves a legacy of destruction, disease and desecration.  The spoils of avarice lay...

01.Jul 15

Church Green Action News from Devon, UK

10 items of interest for summer from Martyn Goss.

30.Jun 15

Church Green Action News from Devon, UK

On 17th June an estimated 9,000 of us gathered around the Houses of Parliament to lobby our MPs about the seriousness...

24.Jun 15

Invitation: No Planet B

6 – 10 July 2015: This is a residential workshop for those who are concerned about the environmental crises facing our...

20.Jun 15

Lambeth Declaration – a joint document of faith leaders in the UK

On 16 June 2015 signed faith leader in the UK Lambeth Declaration, the document which highlights a joint appeal of...

19.Jun 15

ECEN welcomes Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si'”

“Laudato Si'” – an encouraging appeal for strengthening ecumenical efforts in care for creation. ECEN welcomes...

15.Jun 15

Transition Lifestyles

“They are about creating a healthy human culture, one that meets our needs for community, livelihoods and fun.”

10.Jun 15

Empowering Communities through Greening the Church

An EcoChurch SouthWest conference to explore producing energy, providing food and saving water on church premises.

09.Jun 15

A small group can change the world

Martyn Goss reflecting on a famous though from anthropologist Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of...

ECEN Letter to the EU

Download and read below the letter to the EU from ECEN, written at the Assembly

Assembly Outcome Statement

Find here, download and share the Assembly Outcome Statement

Creation Time 2014

September 2014: celebrating Creation Time

Bibliography of Creation Theology (Resources in English)

Helpful links and resources on the topic of Creation Theology

EU 2030 climate package: a reason for complaint?

The EU policy framework for climate and energy for 2020 to 2030 revealed at the end of January has soon become the...