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CEC General Assembly 2018 on economic and climate justice

The 2018 Novi Sad General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches has drawn to a close. The Assembly brought together the three keywords—witness, justice, and hospitality—with a final message calling to deepen solidarity, build just communities, and practise dialogue.

Climate change and churches – a conversation in the European Parliament

11 February 2018
‘ The task to address climate change has an ethical dimension including questions related to consumption and production patterns of individuals and societies and related...

Witness to Climate Change and efforts for sustainable future

9 February 2018
The General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) 2018 will take place from 31 May – 6 June in Novi Sad, Serbia. The...

Recipes with stale bread, a measure to tackle food waste

2 February 2018
If you speak Italian, check out this fascinating resource " Give us also the yesterday's bread: Recipes with stale bread, a measure to tackle the...

Photo Competition by Eco-Congregation Scotland: Pass the Planet

1 February 2018
Eco-Congregation Scotland is running a photographic competition. Photos can be in any of ten categories and taken on a camera or phone. Judging will take...

Klimafasten: A German campaign during Lent

31 January 2018
The time between the Ash Wednesday and the Easter is for repenance and looking back, for the Lent and prayer. Our fellow human beings and...

Churches in France encourage ecological conversion

27 January 2018
The Council of Christian Churches in France (CÉCEF) is encouraging local churches to support a recently created Green Church environmental certification label, asking that offerings...

COP 23 “debriefing” brings faith and ethical perspectives

24 January 2018
Faith groups gathered at the Ecumenical Centre on 16 January to evaluate from faith and human rights perspectives the outcomes of the 23rdConference of Parties...

Loving our world this Valentine's day. #ShowTheLove #BigShift

15 January 2018
Together with hundreds of organisations across The Climate Coalition, Christian Aid marks Valentine’s Day by celebrating the things we love that are threatened by climate...

Jesus at Home

18 December 2017
A plaque has been installed recently on a building in Budapest commemorating its architect, Károly Hegedős. His daughter commented: ‘We usually celebrate the famous person...