Education for Sustainable Development – Spiritual Dimensions

13th Nuremberg Forum 2024 30 Sept – 2 Oct 2024 in Nuremberg

The ecological crisis is also a spiritual crisis! And it is a widely shared insight that sustainability implies spiritual dimensions. This is so, because issues of sustainability touch on the fundamental questions of who we are as human beings, how our relationship with nature can be understood, how we want to live, what makes life worth living and how a life worth living can be achieved for all humans on our planet. Recently, religious and spiritual traditions have increasingly been discussed as such valuable sources. To put it in another way, the global ecological crises that we are facing today are so dramatic that they require in-depth transformations of individual and collective mind-sets. Not least, they require a sense of hope, confidence and solidarity that can support the motivation and endurance in addressing the huge challenges. In this situation, it makes sense to use all cultural sources available that could facilitate such transformations and such motivation. Education has repeatedly emerged as a major aspect and important approach, especially concerning the question of how the widely deplored mind-behavior gap can be overcome. The major aim of the Nuremberg Forum 2024 therefore is to explore possible intersections between spirituality, sustainability and education.

The conference offers a combination of invited keynotes as well as papers and workshops that have been submitted on the basis of a call for papers ( Deadline is 30 April 2024.

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