Pray and Fast for the Climate

Pray and fast for the climate


Christians are being asked to make time to pray and fast on the 1st of each month for a 

meaningful and just global climate agreement at the UN climate talks. 


Our inspiration comes from the ‘Fast for the Climate’ movement. We doubt if there has ever 

been a more crucial time for us to pray together for progress in climate negotiations. Time is 

running out for practical and binding steps to be made to reduce emissions and prevent run-

away climate change. We owe it to our children, to future generations and those already hit by 

climate change, to respond. And we owe it to God, who created the world we depend on. 

We want our prayers to build a platform upon which the right decisions will be made by 

politicians, leaders and negotiators to allow all people to dream, to hope and to shape a 

greener and more sustainable world.


On the first of each month you can pray and fast at any time of day, on your own or with 

others. Our website has all the resources needed to plan and lead a monthly prayer time. Each 

month we will provide prayer points about the specific events happening around the world.


Please join us!


‘Pray and Fast for the Climate’ is supported by the ‘Faith for the Climate’ network