Reflection to Fast for the Climate on March 1st

Good Theology mobilizes us to change

Fasting – a momentum for change. 

Often the climate crisis is presented with a gloom and doom perspective. And of course, the risks we are facing are severe and we need to understand that climate change is not something that we can neglect. But if we paint the picture with end of the world scenarios there is a risk that we give up and just go with the negative flow and let the world go down. Sometimes even accompanied by bad theology.

Doom and gloom is not an option.

At least not for people who believe in a better future.  At least not for someone who embrace a hope of a better tomorrow.

Good theology mobilizes us to change.  Maybe we are living in a Kairos moment. A moment when change is possible.

Where we could take that pivotal step and change to a more just, fair and sustainable earth.

But to change is not just about changing system or habits- even if that are a very important steps.  We also need to change our views and our minds. Maybe that is the most important step to take. The change of the heart. To do that we need to put ourselves in another position  to help ourselves to convert. This is something that we have in most faith traditions. To step out of the ordinary view , to get another perspective  and let this perspective lead your life and deeds , to let yourself change and together with others be the change that we know is needed.

There are many ways to do this.

People who live in rich countries, like I do, need to see the connection between the common lifestyles and the more intensive weather events we see in other parts of the world.

And this should not be too hard to see when we are exposed to all the reports of disasters after typhoons or droughts. It may be harder to understand that the Arctic, which is much closer to me, is very sensitive to climate change. The roles of the ice sheet around the poles are of importance to the whole world and the changes in the Arctic doesn’t bring headlines. Even though it’s happening now!

Information is important but not enough.

To change we need to experience something that goes under the skin. There are plenty of stories in the bible and in the Christian tradition that underlines the importance of a simpler lifestyle. Your heart is where you have you treasure. And the treasure is the gift of life that we all share in this heart moving Creation!

That’s why I think that fasting for climate is something we should practice. It might look like something meaningless and it doesn’t change anything but then we underestimate the human mind.

To voluntary act and say: I will fast today!  is to make a statement that affects me more than just a word.

I have to return to the cause of my fasting during the day of fast. And the cause is that climate change is a threat to a just and sustainable world and I, together with all others fasting today,  want to make a difference.  And the hunger that I might feel should be transformed to a hunger for justice, peace and a sustainable world for all people and living creatures today and the children of tomorrow.

We have the moment, the Kairos moment now.


Source: The blog of the Lutheran World Federation Youth Desk